It can be quite exasperating when you come out of a shop and realize post facto that you could have saved 15% on the bill, had you paid with the right Credit or Debit card which was sitting in your pocket all the while! Personally, we have experienced this many a times and found no easy solution to the problem. Talking to friends revealed that the issue resonated with almost all of them. Most of us tend to have multiple credit and debit cards but lose out on valuable discounts and offers due to lack of knowledge regarding the deals.

Sometimes you are aware of an attractive offer but still miss it because it is valid only on a specific day of the week and within a specific time period, which you couldn’t recall at the right time! This turns out to be a common occurrence as well. And once the offer period has passed, one may not have time to wait for another week to avail the offer or the price of air tickets or hotel may have risen by then.

There are other issues with card owners in addition to the above. For example, it is not simple to remember whether my credit or debit card has complimentary airport lounge visits included. Nor is it easy to find out whether one of your cards has offers on fuel purchases, movie tickets, travel insurance etc. included.

In short, credit and debit card features are not easily accessible. One must rummage through numerous sites and look for information hidden deep inside bank websites to find out. Additionally, it isn’t practical to expect one to download multiple bank apps for each of the cards to look up its features which may not even be available in the bank apps!

In short, due to the lack of easy accessibility of card features in an easily usable form, users are losing out on tons of money!

This set us on a journey to make this task convenient for everyone. RUSSH was born as a result. Our goal is making all card features accessible to everyone, from the savvy user to someone who may not be an expert, in a simple and usable form at their fingertips.

RUSSH brings you card features and offers in standard format and in an easily accessible form so that the most relevant offers are right at your fingertips and thus helping you save a lot more and make the most of your cards!

- RUSSH Team


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