Why should one own Axis Bank Credit Cards?

Axis Bank, one of the top banks in India, offers a good set of credit cards for users. But then there is so many credit card from other banks! Why should one have an Axis Bank Credit Card? Let us understand:

What are the typical top three reasons one wants a credit card?

  1. Need for having credit and also building a credit history

  2. Gain reward points on each spend and redeem them into gifts

  3. Offers and discounts by brands on the credit card

If you already have a credit card, refer to “Should you have more than one credit card?”

At RUSSH, we have been tracking credit cards closely for few years, and below are the statistics that no one else will give you.

One needs to understand how worthy are the reward points?

Our analysis has shown that 5000 reward points of Axis bank credit cards are worth Rs 1000/-

Example: So if we take Axis bank “My Zone Credit Card” which is their good all-round card giving 4 points on 200INR spend. So you will get 1000 INR worth of reward points whenever you spend 2.5 lakh – which is very competitive compared to other cards. This is in addition to the standard discount on this card: Discount on Myntra, Movie Tickets cashback of 25% and 1 complimentary airport lounge visit, and 1% surcharge waiver on petrol pumps.

Takeaway: The reward points on Axis Bank Credit Cards is worth it!!!

How many deals are offered by Axis Bank credit cards across brands including Dining?

It is important to select a card that gives a consistent number of offers throughout the year. This is best understood by knowing how many deals and discounts did Axis bank offer online and in-store for the last 14 months. Below is a chart which shows Axis bank offer meter for the past 14 months.

In-store offers by Axis Bank Credit Cards for past 14th Months

Online offers by Axis Bank Credit Cards for the past 14 months

Takeaway: The offers of Axis Bank Credit Cards is very lucrative and consistent

Summary: When one looks at the above two data points, it is very clear that one needs to have an Axis bank credit card in their wallet!

Moreover, if you apply for Axis Bank Credit Card from RUSSH App you get Rs 500/-* as a cash reward on the successful issue of the card. This is one kind of offer that no one in India is giving!


Eligibility for Axis Bank Cards:


18 to 70

Income Requirement

Minimum Fixed Deposit of INR 20,000


Salaried or Self-Employed

Interest Free Period

Up to 50 days

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