What shall I gift in any festive season ?


What should I gift is always a billion dollar question ! Be it festive seasons like Diwali, Christmas, Eid or occasions like Marriage, Birthday or Anniversaries…we are always looking to gift our loved ones.

For most of us, the biggest dilemma that we face while gifting is:

· What to gift ?

· Is the gift within my budget ?

· Can I find any special offers on these gift items ?

Top 5 factors that drive Gifting ideas are:

1. Relationship

2. Age

3. Occasion/Season

4. Personality of recipient

5. Gift in-person or online

The first 4 factors are the most important to consider while the 5th one is mostly driven by availability of time, ease of gifting etc.

Here are some gifting ideas for most common relationships

For most of us, budget plays an important role in the gift selection process and there is always a need/desire to go a little further by extending the budget by 10% or 20%. This is best achieved by ensuring you get discounts on the gift you are selecting. One way to do that is by leveraging offers and discounts that are available through debit or credit cards or by UPI App providers.

As an example:

If you plan to gift a voucher, say from Myntra or ShopperStop or Starbucks, etc. worth INR 2000 to your loved one, more often than not you will find a minimum of 5%to 20% discount offers from your bank on buying such vouchers via payment methods like credit cards, debit cards or wallets/UPI. Even a discount of 5% gets you the voucher for INR 1900 INR without any efforts. And if you are buying multiple gift vouchers, then the savings add up.

Now the key Question- Where can I find such offers?

Russh App ( is the 1 stop shop to find a consolidated view of all offers on your debit and credit cards or UPI apps. You don’t need to search through multitudes of websites to find those offers any more. Simply download the App, register and select your card type (Russh has 450+ debit and credit cards listed). Now select the best offer and purchase the right gift within your budget. Moreover, RUSSH app is completely safe as it does not ask for any card or bank details.

Happy gifting at bargain prices this festive season. Stay safe, and stay connected with your loved ones.

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