How to Get Rewarded on RUSSH App?

RUSSH App intent is to be an App for credit card users by credit card users!

"A Club where,

Everyone is Welcome!"

How can you Get Rewarded?

RUSSH App rewards the user on the application of AXIS bank credit the card from RUSSH App or Website. Here is the process:

1. User need to apply for Axis bank credit card from RUSSH App or RUSSH website

2. Axis bank should approve the user card application and the user should receive the card physically

3. Once a user receives the card, Axis bank will notify Russh of the user name and phone number who applied from RUSSH App/Website

4. RUSSH will reach out to that phone number and pass the reward in form of a gift voucher or cashback via NEFT. This takes 7-30 days. We 100% guarantee you your handsome reward as soon as the bank reports us.

Other methods of Getting Rewarded?

- Rate RUSSH App on PlayStore or AppStore by clicking "Rate Us" on the RUSSH Home Screen and/or

- share RUSSH App with friends by clicking "Share with Friends" on RUSSH Home Screen.

- Follow any of the RUSSH Social Media handles

Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

We do a lucky draw and reward users with gift vouchers or goodies

More Ways to Get Rewarded on RUSSH?

There will be a contest run by RUSSH on a periodic basis and winners will be rewarded. Keep your notification for RUSSH App-enabled!


Best Wishes Russh Team

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