How to activate your Axis Bank Credit Card in less than 5 mins?

Based on our analysis, the simplest and fastest way to activate your Axis Bank credit card is using the Axis Phone Banking. This is even more true if you do not have an existing internet banking or mobile banking with Axis Bank.

How to activate a card & generate a PIN through Phone Banking (IVR)?

Step 1:

Call Axis Bank Customer Care at 1860 419 5555 / 1860 500 5555 (preferably on weekdays)

Step 2:

Axis Bank has enabled voice assistance on their phone banking where you can talk with an voice assistant bot called Axa (similar to Alexa or OK Google) instead of pressing the old style number menu's.

Say "I want to activate the pin of my credit card" . It will then take you to the pin generation voice assistance where it will as to enter/type:

a. Card details (Card number and expiry)

b. Date of birth

c. Registered mobile number with your card (mobile number that you had entered in card application form)

Once validated it will generate an OTP and send it to your mobile

d. It will ask you to enter the OTP

e. On successful OTP verification, it will allow you to set 4 digit PIN for your credit card.

You will get an SMS from Axis bank of the PIN being successfully set.

HURRAY!! You are done and ready to make use of Axis Bank Credit Card.

For some reason the voice assistant does not work well for you, say "Take me to the menu" and this will take you to the legacy number pad menu.

Steps to follow with the menu to activate the card are:

Steps for activate card using Internet Banking or Mobile Banking (this requires you to have an account with AXIS bank)

IMPORTANT Note: Never Share your PIN or OTP with anyone!

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