5 lesser known facts on Dining Deals that everyone should know!

When it comes to Dining, the first thing that jumps to mind is Zomato. And why not? Zomato is the among the popular used App related to dining. Dineout is the second most popular Dining App used in India though it is snapping at the heels of Zomato for leadership in this segment. Both Zomato and Dineout are the key Apps that most foodies look at for Dining deals and offers. And in today’s fast paced lifestyles, dining out has almost become a necessity for most urban dwellers. But there are some lesser known facts about dining deals that each one of us can use but are totally unaware of! So, read on to find out…

Zomato has what is called Zomato Gold. You would need to buy an annual Zomato Gold membership before you can access Zomato Gold offers.

Dineout also offers some pretty good offers at Dining outlets in every city. Dineout deals are available on specific slots at Dining outlets and a limited. Hence if you want to book a dinner at a prime slot on Friday or Saturday evening, you better book in advance before the slots are over.

While the above 2 apps are well known and most people are aware of them, there are some facts about Dining deals in India that are lesser known and therefore remain practically unused. Here they are: RUSSH App view of Dining Deals on your cards

  1. Some of the top banks that offer Credit and Debit cards in India like SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Citibank etc. offer some excellent dining deals country wide

  2. These deals are not very well advertised and are hidden away in obscure locations on the bank websites, thus making them practically inaccessible

  3. Neither Zomato nor Dineout bring these offers to their users

  4. There is now an new App named RUSSH (which can be downloaded from that brings these credit and debit card deals to your fingertips in a very user friendly manner!

  5. Its best to call the dining outlet to get an acknowledgement that the offer is on. Sometimes the waiters aren’t aware of these deals though the manager/owner does.

These dining deals are as competitive as Zomato or Dineout and can be availed by owners of these credit and debit cards without the need for an additional membership or advance booking. Of course, the coverage of these deals may not be as wide as Zomato or Dineout because cards not only offer deals in dining outlets, they also offer deals in lifestyle stores, electronics, online travel deals etc. to build a complete package. On quite a few occasions though, cards offer deals at dining outlets that don’t offer deals either on Zomato or Dineout!


Our users have been using RUSSH for quite a few months now and it has saved them a lot of money through its deals. All you need to do is to login using your phone number and register your card type (no need for card details) and lo and behold! You get a listing of all deals available on your credit and debit cards around your location or the area you are searching for with all details about the deals including distance from your location, driving directions etc. It certainly compliments Zomato and Dineout when it comes to Dining deals.

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