5 key considerations before applying for a credit card


s the world goes digital at a rapid pace, we increasingly move towards digital modes of payment instead of cash. These payment methods include debit and credit cards, online wallets, netbanking etc.

When it comes to credit cards, most of us go by recommendations from tele callers who approach us by means of pesky phone calls, or other means like email or SMS to try and entice us to apply for cards that they are selling. What Tele-callers do is to simply parrot out card benefits that they have by hearted. What they do not tell you is that, most of these offers are irrelevant to you!

For example, if you are movie buff, you should select a credit card that gives you free or discounted movie ticket offers as frequently as possible! Similarly, there is no point in owning a credit card that includes excellent dining offers in Delhi though there are very few or none in your city, say, Mumbai. How do you know whether your credit card offers fuel discounts at your favorite fuel outlets? A tele-caller will never be able to answer these questions for you.

The key selection criteria for a credit card should be:

1. Your income category and age

2. Your spending patterns — Are you more interested in travel, shopping, dining or are you a movie buff?

3. The kind of benefits the card offers for your spending patterns

4. Benefits available on your cards at locations most frequented by you

5. Insurance protection

Bank websites provide details about their own credit cards but they don’t let you compare cards from 2 different banks. Similarly, aggregators like Bankbazaar or Paisabazaar don’t tell you anything about card discounts and offers that apply to you. CRED is more focused on cards that you already own, and it doesn’t help you select the card that suits you best.

There is a compelling app RUSSH that gets you all the information that is required for you to select the most suitable credit card easily. It brings you all discounts (be it dining, electronics, shopping or fuel) available on all credit cards from all major banks in India. RUSSH app helps you select the card that has offers around you.

For more info , download RUSSH:

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